Argo-Scheduling Implementation Guide CI Build

ValueSets and CodeSystems defined as part of this Implementation Guide

Value Sets

These value sets have been defined for this implementation guide.

  • Argonaut_Visit_Types
  • Argonaut_Appointment_Event_Reason_Codes
  • Argonaut_Scheduling_Specialties
  • Argonaut_Slot_Status_Codes
  • Argonaut_Slot_BundleType_Codes
  • Argonaut_Snomed_CT_Services
  • Argonaut_Appointment_Types
  • Code Systems

    Code systems published in this IG - Includes US Core defined code systems and externally defined code systems

  • Argonaut_Visit_Types_Codes
  • Argonaut_Appointment_Event_Reason_Codes
  • Argonaut_Appointment_Type_Codes
  • Concept Maps

    These concept mappings have been defined for this implementation guide.

  • Argonaut_Scheduiing_Visit_Type_to_SNOMED_CT_Mapping
  • Argonaut_Scheduiing_Visit_Type_to_Appointment_Type_Mapping